Your Life Is Exactly As You Let It Be

How many times have you found yourself wanting more, wanting something other than what you have, yet you sit inside what you currently have and complain? Like what you want is some sort of distant dream.

You have to start to LISTEN.

LISTEN to your inner self. It tells you everything you need to know.

BUT there’s a catch.

Most of the time, our feeling of discomfort attaches itself to something external. It’s our partner who’s to blame, it’s our work, our boss, our friends, our family or any other example of something outside of you that you can imagine.


If you want success in your life you have to be ready and willing to learn to look within. Constantly.

Don’t like something? Ask yourself, what is this triggering WITHIN ME?

Because, really, no matter how much you try to tell yourself someone else is to blame for why you feel frustrated, anxious or like you just can’t have what you damn well want, you’re deflecting away from what it’s truly about.




Because you choose, all the time, what you have in your life. You choose whether people come into your life and you choose whether they stay.

You choose which career you step into and you choose how long that lasts.

The power is always with YOU. So quit making it someone else’s job to make you happy and start taking responsibility for accepting what you choose and where it goes next.

Life in my opinion is like a big book with lots and lots of chapters. Some chapters come to a close fairly quickly, some stretch out for a fair while. Some chapters roll into the next.

We may not be able to see what happens in each chapter beyond the realms of our control, BUT, we do have control over how quickly we write the next chapter and what that entails.

Ask yourself today, where am I telling myself I’m frustrated with what I currently have and what choices am I willing to make to change it?

Staying still is not an option.

Time does not stand still. It never has and NEVER will.

If you want to take your life to the next level it’s entirely up to YOU to make it happen.

DON’T bring others around you down because something about them annoys you. It’s not their problem. It’s up to YOU to bring the people who align with you, your message and your vision into your life. Purely by focusing and consistently delivering your message and your vision.

You are YOU.

Other people are themselves.

We don’t have a right to judge other’s for their choices but we DO have a right to dictate our own.

Your VIEW of the world is NOT someone else’s. And quite frankly the whole ‘everyone has to see it my way’ is what causes so much distruction. Because many people spend more time trying to convince other people that THEIR view is correct, rather than living their own view and attracting others who align with those views and values.

So. What steps will you take to create the vision you have for your life?

What action can you take today that will take you one step closer?

What do you need to choose in order to allow yourself to keep striving for success?

When you truly get that no one has a right to judge another human AND you get to choose which of those humans are in your life. THEN you’ll settle in yourself and understand that no one else has a right to judge YOU EITHER.

AND for THAT reason you’ll get totally comfortable with showing up as YOU, the real authentic all angles YOU and just doing your thing.

You won’t have a need to control ANYTHING. Because you KNOW that EVERYTHING that you want for your life is meant for you. AND that what you focus on you create.

SO, you just KNOW that in order to have MORE of what you want. That HAS to be your focus 24/7. Forever. From now until infinity. The end.

What ever your next level dream is, you know that you have the power to MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!

Your life right now, is exactly as you let it be, it’s exactly as you CHOOSE it to be. Your next steps define your outcome. Your results.

Your life iS ALWAYS and has ALWAYS been exactly as you’ve chosen.

Change is simply a decision. A decision to re-align yourself with something that sits with you exactly as you TRULY are. That allows you to grow and thrive and strive for the success you crave.


Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams.

Emily-Rose 🙂


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