Your Ideal Client Is A Reflection Of You

So you know how I often say in my live videos “I hear a marketing strategy and I ask myself – could there be another way?” Well this is one of those.

Having run businesses for approaching 12 years, I’ve pretty much tried every marketing strategy in the book. And the one that makes my toes curl more than any other is the information I hear regarding finding your ideal client.

NOT because it’s wrong. Because of course this is always about what aligns for you.

But because my soul aligned clients are people who align with me, I am focusing on the strategy that feels aligned for me – because I’m talking to you. A reflection of me.

Suitably confused?


Let’s begin.

Imagine for a second, that you let go of the bullshit exhausting notion that you have to ‘figure out’ your ideal client.



Do you hear the sigh of relief?


Doesn’t that feel amazing? That letting go of figuring out?

Because in my map of the world it’s pretty fucking simple.


Want to know where they eat? What they wear? What they watch? Their favourite places to hang out?


The answers are all there.

Because the moment you understand that YOU are the creator, the solution finder, AND that your soul aligned clients are those who are a match for your own energy, is the moment that this gets a whole lot easier.

I actually took my dad through this process as an experiment.

I asked him – “Dad, explain your ideal client to me”. I received a 4 sentence, vague and generic response.

I asked him again – “Dad, when you created your product, what were your frustrations at the time? why did you create it? And what solutions did you find along the way?

I got thee most beautiful detailed description. Because your audience, are those sharing the same frustrations, and are looking for YOUR solution.

They want to know what YOU did to get the result YOU have. They want to learn from YOU.

Do you get it yet?

YOU are your ideal client.

So, what is YOUR message? What do YOU want to share?

And if you could show up in a way that was totally YOU, how would that look? How would you speak?

And remember…

Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams.

Emily-Rose 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Your Ideal Client Is A Reflection Of You

  1. <3 this! 😀

    I am wondering whether "a reflection" is "the same thing as", or maybe more like "the complement"? What I mean is; how can you complete your ideal client's wants / needs / desires / whatever?

    1. ❤️ In the context of what you are selling – what were your frustrations and the solutions you found which brought you to the place of creating what you’ve created? Those frustrations are the same frustrations your ideal client is experiencing, those solutions are the same solutions that may also enable your client to reach the same outcome you have (depending on the level of commitment they are willing to put in) ❤️

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