Your health and success go hand in hand

It amazes me how unimportant a priority health can become in a person’s life. Success all starts with you. YOUR mind, YOUR body.

We now know that our over all bodily health MASSIVELY EFFECTS OUR MINDS. And unless you want to undergo a brain transplant (also known as whole body transplant) I’d suggest looking after the one you’ve got!

Burn out, lack of sleep, excuses for not eating nutritional food, lack of motivation for exercise, drug and alcohol abuse and not making ‘you’ time are all examples of neglecting your health. If not the fact this abuse prevents your success, Is it not such a disrespect to the very thing that gives you life?

Your health and success go hand in hand!

How would it feel to begin each day bursting at the seams with energy and vitality?

How would feel for focus to feel easy?

Making your health a priority gives you that!

Physical strength builds mental strength, mental strength builds success. There is no one without the other. Your body and mind are a team and as such you need to treat it like one!

Over a period of 3 years I had two hospital stays due to mental health struggles after a prolonged period of immense stress, nutritional depletion and a lack of physical exercise. My business suffered, my children suffered, my family worried, my friendships disintegrated.

When I finally made health a priority it quickly became a lifestyle rather than a chore as I started to see and feel the incredible changes in myself and those around me.

My health enables me to be a great mum, my health enables me to be a driven, focused business woman, my health gives me strength in every area of life. Above all else my health gives me life.

So, what does health give you?

ARE YOU READY to make it a priority in YOUR life?

What action step can you take to make it your number one?

Emily-Rose ~ Life & Success Coach


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