Your fear is really success in disguise

Does the feeling of fear hold you back from your dreams? Does it stop you taking action?

The photo featured in this post is a snap shot in time of my sister and I about to be launched off Britain’s highest zip wire! 🤣 holy…heck was I scared!

Wow can I tell you, what a mind blowing experience it was. On the other side I realised how incredibly free and happy I felt and also how we really can rise above fear and take action. On the other side of that fear was complete exhilaration.

So what if I were to tell you that your fear is really SUCCESS in disguise. That the Adrenalin you feel when you are excited is the same Adrenalin you feel when you are scared!

Fear is your guide, it lets you know when to ‘be prepared’.

Usually when we are scared we focus on the immediate thing at the forefront of our mind, “I’m scared of public speaking” but it’s not the real fear… the real fear is buried deeper. “I’m scared of being humiliated”…. maybe deeper still “I’m scared of failure…”

But failure isn’t real, it’s just a story you are telling yourself that keeps you stuck.

Failure is purely one step closer to success.

In the true words of Thomas Edison when inventing the light bulb “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that it won’t work”.

Where would we be now if he just decided he’d failed and gave up? How long would we have waited for the next person to have the genius idea of the light bulb?

Instead he created success from other people’s fear that he’d fail.


What are you afraid of? Ask yourself that now, let the answer come up quietly without analysing it.

Take this answer and ask yourself: What is one solution that I could use if this thing I’m scared about really happened?

A prepared mind is an effective mind!

Many years back my mind went blank on live radio. Literally. Blank. The call had to be cut!

It gave me this HUGE FEAR of public speaking! I was like… “oh gosh, what if I go blank on stage, I can’t disappear anywhere’ and so I just avoided EVERYTHING to do with live public speaking. And I missed so many incredible opertunities because of it…



What do you need to do to feel more comfortable about what you are scared of?

I asked myself this question and…

I joined a public speaking course! Which I will do this November.

I thought of a plan incase I go blank…

I’ll Interact with my audience, if my mind goes blank I’ll let them know! There’s nothing quite like honesty to build rapport with your audience.

I am a real human and I might be a coach but I feel fear like anyone else, the aim isn’t to eliminate fear – (we need it to survive after all, gosh only knows how we’d cross a road if we didn’t feel it) the aim is how you RESPOND to fear. The aim is to rise higher than your fear! Use fear rather than letting it use YOU!

Your fear is your guide, your messenger to remind you to be prepared and that on the other side of fear is success and all you need is a solution.

Go out there and Make it happen! Even if it takes 10,000 attempts! That is world proof that failure really is an illusion.

Emily-Rose ~ Life & Success Coach


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