Your Dreams Are Waiting For You To Take Action

6 months ago after my own coaching session (BECAUSE every coach has a coach), my partner Rory and I were wanting to move in together and had been discussing the home that we wanted to create together for our family.

I imagined in detail the home we wanted to find. I did some visualisation and then wrote everything down on paper that I wanted AS IF IT IS ALREADY HERE, as if I already had it.

This weekend we moved into the exact home that I wrote down on that paper. It wasn’t that I was even consciously ticking things off, it became AVAILABLE once I committed myself to the dream becoming a reality.

Two things that you should know;

1: Whatever you dream in your mind is MEANT FOR YOU. You HAVE to have the courage to take the action to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

2: Scientifically, when we write something down on paper it helps to imprint it into the brain. AND once you decide that is what you want, it triggers the RAS system in the brain (the brain’s filter system) to focus on seeing what you’ve decided you want; let me explain…

If you decide today WITH COMMITMENT that you want a particular car, and you walk along the street your brain will now notice that particular car everywhere!


Let’s imagine there’s a specific place you want to go on holiday, you’ll start to notice things to do with that place everywhere.


Something smaller – my step son Caesar had never eaten a toffee apple before so Rory and I said; “Oooh we must keep our eyes open for one for you.” Over in Australia it’s unusual to see toffee apples other than in specific places or at a specific event.

So the next morning we went for a walk down at the beach of all places… we walked past a little stall (the ONLY stall I’ve ever seen at the beach other than at major celebration days) and Rory said… “Oh my gosh there’s a toffee apple!!!!” 🤣🤣🙌✨


Quit ignoring them, quit laughing them off or making them out to be something that could never be for you.

3 years ago I was a single mum living in a tiny flat with 27c in my bank account.

Yesterday I moved into our dream home with my partner and our family. (3 children and 1 puppy ~ pretty much a 4th child 🤣)


That would have happened a lot faster if I’d believed in myself earlier. It all starts with CHANGING YOUR MINDSET!!!!

One of the biggest favours you can do yourself today is to completely eliminate the word ‘expensive’ from your vocabulary. From now on it’s ‘premium’ or ‘high end’. ~ ‘expensive’ creates a barrier in your thinking, the switch in words makes it available.

AND enjoy the process! The fun is in the journey TO the dream. Once you are there it’s likely your next level dream emerges, SO make the journey the focus and the end goal the celebration. That way you are ALWAYS in a state of gratitude.

I’m going to be putting together an audio program around mindset that can be downloaded and listened to. I listen to Mindset stuff EVERY DAY! Usually when I go to bed and first thing in the morning, often periodically throughout the day too.

The key is CONSISTENCY ~ creating positive daily habits.

The second thing you can do is jump into my online program Make It Happen NOW!

I share all of the steps I take to create anything in my life ~ the same steps that will enable YOU to create what you want too. You also receive audio mindset training on top of your weekly coaching training AND other motivational support from me from throughout the 6 weeks.

One of the things that really enhances my group programs is that no matter how many people enrol I will connect with you individually and see how you are going and what support you want or need throughout the duration of the program.

AND then of course you can have 1:1 coaching and mentoring with me and basically put an accelerator behind you!

So really there is NO EXCUSE for you to be sitting on your dreams watching everyone else achieve what it is you want year after year, telling yourself that one day you’ll get round to it.

NOW. It’s available NOW! Like RIGHT NOW!

Are you ready to TAKE ACTION? To change your mindset? To live the life you’ve ALWAYS wanted to live?

Emily-Rose x

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