You Won’t Find It In A Template

I get it. The fame, the riches, the booming business. You want it. Desperately. Maybe too desperately because as the desperation whispers in your ear “I’m not sure I’m good enough” you stop.

And you look.

At every other guru on the internet for reassurance that you’re doing it right. Doing business the right way.

Can I tell you a secret?

There’s no such thing as business the right way. And sure, some will argue and even try to push their opinion across hard and fast. Yeah but, this is the right way. You SHOULD do it this way.


Just No.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

As if it is 🤣 this is me. I have A LOT to say about this. Because as the messenger of this message to you I can tell you. You just need to frickin do it already, that thing you love that will turn you into some sort of on fire automated cash machine.

And live from passion. And intuition. And flow.

Because that place is easy. Making money is easy. Don’t you think? No? And there lies the problem.

So let’s zap that shiz all bananarama until it has no place within you. It must leave. And the success thoughts must enter. For what we believe creates our reality.

And the growth in your business that you so desperately want?

You won’t find it in a template.

You can search and search every guru on the planet. But the truth is, their doing it their way and you need to do it yours.

Be you.

Show you.

Set yourself apart by being you.

And watch your life transform, watch your bank account fill and your business attract your soul aligned community.

And shed away the layers of beliefs that don’t serve you. And adopt a success attitude all of which I teach you in my brand new program LAUNCHING SOON #HardwiredForMoney. Yeah baby. Bring it on.

And remember…

Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams.

Emily-Rose x


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