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I make $10k - $30k a month completely organically. In my simple step by step online group program I uncover every detail of my business model.

This is a proven system. If you follow the steps I give you consistently you can expect to see a huge increase in your sales and the quality of those clients or customers.

Earnings / income disclaimer

Simple Startup Success Premium requires every student to do a lot of work – on top of going through every training. So by no means will any student make ANY money if they were to do nothing after enrolling in the program. To be able to take my teachings to make any income, you MUST put in the work. If you expect to make money without the work, you can stop reading here.

You have instant access to all of these trainings...

  • UNIT 1 - Simplify your niche - i'll show you my 3 step system for understanding your target market and turning your high income skill into a business.
  • UNIT 2 - Market research - NOT the boring stuff! I share with you my secret to gaining consistent engagement on your content, and all the ways in which consistent market research can make your business thrive!
  • UNIT 3 - Conversational sales - so far in my career, I’ve closed over $100,000 in sales with students and clients in 6 countries over both messenger and phone. With my scripts, you will never be phased by any client, prospect, or sales conversation again - no matter how intimidating the person you’re talking to is. You’ll know how to turn around any conversation at any time with these strategies.
  • UNIT 4 - Know your numbers - I can't emphasise enough how important it is to know your numbers. I have a little something special to make pricing your product or service easy and really get ahead financially.
  • UNIT 5 - Position yourself as the expert - includes the quickest way to write a book! This is the part where we make it a no brainer for people to come to you rather than your competitor.
  • UNIT 6 - Clever advertising - psychological tactics & advanced copywriting skills that make you stand out from the crowd.
  • UNIT 7 - Creating content that leads to sales - includes simple email marketing.
  • UNIT 8 - Outreach - No more waiting around for prospects to find you, i'll teach you exactly how to find them instantly to create predictability and consistency in your business.
  • UNIT 9 - Simple steps to make money - by now you have a simple business model that attracts clients on repeat. Your focused action steps will mean you know exactly what you need to do each and everyday to keep the money rolling in.
  • UNIT 10 - Grow your audience. It's SO EASY to grow your audience and FAST! I share all of my secrets with you.
  • UNIT 11 - Payments & terms of service - it's important to automate your payments system and have a solid terms of service in place to protect you.
  • UNIT 12 - Social media audit recordings. Every month I audit your social media pages and let you kow where things can be tweaked.
  • UNIT 13 - Group coaching call replays. Twice a month I run a group coaching call Q&A, this is your chance not only to pick my brain about business, but also to learn from everyone in the program.

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How much is one client or customer worth to you? If you currently aren't gaining enough clients / customers per month, you're leaving A LOT of money on the table!

One investment today could be your stepping stone, your solution to a predictable and consistent stream of sales every single month.

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