What Lens Are You Looking Through?

Every way in which you experience your life is dictated by the LENS that you are looking through.

Are you looking through a lens of fun?

Are you looking through a lens of control?

Are you looking through a lens of confidence?

Are you looking through a lens of insecurity?

This realisation smacked me in the face this week like a big frickin wake up call. The realisation that life really can be an experience of our choice, I cast my mind back to a moment in time.

A moment in time in which I sat in the chair of an optician at about 5 years old. It was back in the day when they tested your eyes manually, he’d put those funny black glasses on my face and begin to slot different lenses into the frame. Every lens would alter my view. My view of the world.

So just imagine for a second, that your mind is like that frame. You have an opportunity to trial any lens you like, because YOU own your mind.

How exciting is that!!??

What ever decisions you made, can be reversed – through the perception you choose to perceive.

Pick something

Pick something!

I’m too damn excited, pick something that’s been driving you NUTS. And ask yourself…

What if there were another way?

What would this feel like if I viewed it from a lens of FUN?

What would this feel like if I viewed this through a lens of FLOW and EASE?

What would my life BE like if I simply decided RIGHT NOW. That I’m 100% responsible and in charge of the way life is to me? The way I experience my life.

For the majority of my late teens, 20’s and into the first part of my 30’s life was a consistent experience of pain and misery with some fun thrown in, of control, of anger, sadness and jealousy. I was bitter, untrusting and as a result I self sabotaged EVERYTHING.

It quite frankly, was a fucking nightmare that I wanted to escape on a daily basis in any way I could. I felt suicidal and totally anxious ALL of the time – as you can imagine it’s exactly what I manifested MORE of, because it’s wholly what I was focused on.

And when I finally met someone who WANTED to love me for ME, I wouldn’t except it. ME!? He couldn’t possibly. And in the process I rejected him too.

We all want love. We all want success. We all want happiness. So tell me, why view the world through any other lens than of that which you TRULY WANT.

Fuck the other stuff. Challenge it. Are your thoughts and actions coming from fear or love?

NOTHING that you want is born from following fear. Now, it can be born FROM fear – if you choose to rise above it, and step through or over it. Into the magic of what it is that’s on the other side.

And as I walked through the zoo yesterday with my kids, and stopped to look at the Komodo dragon. I had two thoughts. He’s safe, he’ll never be attacked by another animal, he’ll never be eaten by a predator. BUT his life is small, and boring. He’s alone and his world is the size of a small swimming pool.

Which life do YOU want?

Because it’s ALWAYS your choice.

You can have the safe life, but it comes at a cost.


You can choose the life of uncertainty, the life of stepping through or over fear, the life that is full of excitement IF you choose to view it through that lens.

So the next time you open your mouth or take an action. Check in – does my body feel light and relaxed, does this feel GOOD to me? Or does my body feel contracted and tight? Does this feel unaligned for me?

You ALWAYS know. Even if you think you don’t.

And if you make a commitment now to make every decision via your intuition, checking in, taking a moment to pause and ask your self – is this aligned for me? Does this have a positive impact on the world?

And THEN decide.

Regret is born from one thing – you weren’t truly connected to soul and you stepped outside of your values OR you are questioning yourself based on other people’s perception of your choices.

The point is.


Your intuition knows EVERYTHING. It’s your guide, your mentor, your shining light IF you choose to listen to it.


Intuition isn’t kept there. Intuition is ALL of you. So if all you are listening to is that damn talkative voice in your head – it doesn’t hold the answers. Stop thinking. Tune in.

And listen for the magic that’s calling you.

And remember

Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams.



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