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Train Hard, Fight Easy ~ Junior Athlete Skylah Hamill is taking the Globe by storm

Skylah Hamill is a junior Muay Thai Athlete taking not only Australia by storm, but the Globe!

At just 13 years old Skylah is a 2x world champion and a 3x Australia champion with an undefeated 13 wins! With a success mindset and outstanding results at such a young age, I was intrigued and excited to find out what makes Skylah such a go-getter…

What age were you when you first started Muay Thai and what inspired you to get into the sport?

I was 10 years old when I first tried Muay Thai. I was originally doing MMA but I got bored with the lack of contact so I searched for something new. I knew Muay Thai was what I wanted to do after my first lesson at the Sunshine Coast Thai Boxing centre.

You’re a 2x world champion and 3x australia champion with an undefeated 13 wins! Can you tell us more about how you achieved this?

I train my butt off! I start with a morning run followed by a session of Muay Thai training from 4.30am – 6am and then I go to school. After school I head back to the gym and train from 4pm – 6pm. My trainer Joe Hilton always says “Train hard, fight easy”.

What is it that drives your motivation to become a champion fighter?

I just want to be the best that I can be and I have learnt to push myself harder and harder each day.

Is there a particular strategy you follow prior to a fight to get your body and mind prepared?

I train 8 sessions a week 6 weeks out from a fight. Before I enter the ring I get a rubdown (massage with a thermogenic oil), get my hands taped and warm up on pads. I like to put my headphones on and blast music to get into the zone.

How do you balance school / sport?

It gets really hard sometimes especially around assessment time. I only have about 30 minutes free time per day during the week. I do homework at school or as soon as I get it. I do the bulk of my homework at the weekend.

Do you ever experience fear before a fight and how do you manage that?

I have honestly never experienced fear before a fight. I spar adults at the gym everyday and I can take what they give out. I can definitely take on someone my own age and weight! As soon as I enter the ring I feel alive.

Are there ever days when energy is low and motivation is challenged? How do you push through?

Yes especially when I have a lot due in at school. Towards the end of the week my bed gets a lot harder to get out of because I’m so tired! I just say to myself “Don’t think about it, get up, it will make me stronger and I will feel better after.”

What does success mean to you?

Winning as many fights as I can or at the very least trying as hard as I can in every fight.

What is your vision for the future and what are your next steps?

I want to represent Australia in Turkey at the IFMA Youth Work Championships in September this year and win gold for the third year in a row.

My parents are struggling financially to send me because the government grant is small. I’m a minor so my dad travels with me, so my dad and I are fundraising via my go fund me page to get us there.

My dream for the future is to represent Australia at the Olympic Games in Paris where Muay Thai will make its debut!

Skylah, thank you so much for sharing your tips and inspiring other young Athletes that they really can take on the world! 

There are so many young people in school with talent and I hope that this may give them (and their parents) so insight into balancing sport and school. 

I am quite sure that we are going to see amazing things from you, including at the Olympic Games in Paris. 

Emily-Rose Braithwaite ~ Life Coach

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