The best business advice I ever received

So you want to start a business. You’re buzzing, bursting, can’t wait to start! BUT you don’t start, you think about it and then think about it some more and then OMG THE DETAIL goes whizzing around your brain and all of a sudden you’re like; “Am I making the right decision?” “What decision should I make?” “What should I figure out first?”

Does this sound like you?

This was me, over and over and over again like a broken record for years. And then, one day I received the best business advice I’ve ever received ~ listen to your soul.

Our concious mind tends to jump in and take over (that’s that really overpowering and annoyingly loud voice that echoes the same sentence over and over again until you feel like you can’t think anymore)


True creative flow comes from every part of you, if you’re like me you’ll feel that creative buzz flowing through your veins, like a pulse of electricity just lighting you up inside every-time you think about what could be.

YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL and I’ll tell you how.

Stop thinking so much!!! It’s time to align yourself creatively with what you desire deep within your soul.

What ever it is that you’re feeling indecisive about I want you to do the following:

I want you to grab a pen and paper and just start writing without even thinking. Don’t stop to analyse ~ just create.

Let every idea just flow out of you naturally, no thinking, just write!

All that thinking and not taking action is simply called FEAR. Don’t give it space to take over. YOU are more powerful than your fear, and when you give your body the amazing opportunity to tap into every inch of you’re creativeness you let it shine. It flows. It creates.

The first answer that pops into your head when you ask yourself a question is coming from the subconscious mind. Check in with that, “Is this aligned with who I am on every level as a person” “Does this light up my heart?” You’ll know, YOU WILL KNOW if it feels right to you.

You already have the answers, you just have to trust that you do and that you’ve got this.

You will be absolutely amazed at how much easier life becomes when you just let yourself flow, without questioning what comes up for you.

There’s rarely a moment that I get writers block anymore because I don’t think, I just write. For the first time in my life I trust that I can build my business by simply being me and connecting with you all.


Emily-Rose x


Super excited! Here is what it’s all about…

Firstly and MOST of all, recognising:

You’ve always been that person who knows that their meant to live a BIG life.

You just see the world that way, you always have. INFACT you fall into daydreams about what could be.

You believe that EVERYTHING you dream of is possible and meant for you, and that if you’d just somehow snap out of fear, and doubt, and could just figure out HOW you’d make it happen NOW!

Like I did, you’ve probably spent a LOT of time, energy, emotion and maybe money too, trying to figure out how to reach your goals and dreams.

You’re a hard worker, there’s no problem with that. You WILL do what it takes, and you continually put yourself out there to learn, grow and make it happen.

But, probably also like me for many years of my life, you repeatedly fail to follow THROUGH. Excuses and fear get the best of you and you find yourself continually walking away or saying you’ll do it soon… not implementing what you’ve paid money for, or time… getting stubborn, basically, and just not WANTING to do it yet.

Everyday you tell yourself today’s the day, and then you remember you don’t know where to start and it all gets overwhelming. Your attention is here there and everywhere and nothing seems to get done.

You have this gut wrenching feeling in your tummy, another day has gone by and I’M STILL no closer. You ask yourself what’s wrong with me!

The funniest part is, everyone thinks YOUR AMAZING and if only YOU could see what a super hero you are you’d have it all figured out.

Here is where I want to GET YOU MOVING!

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