Stop Being So Aggressive!

I can’t tell you how much my eyes roll when that age old technique of aggressive sales is used.

If you’re STILL doing it…


Alternatively you can totally disagree with me and choose not to follow my advice. The choice is always yours πŸ˜‰

I actually told another coach outright over messenger – you had me and then you lost me.

You see, there’s thousands of these ‘Get heaps of clients’ courses out there that still teach you to use methods that push back against objections.

Quite frankly. Objections selling sucks big time.

Of course this is only my opinion.

But FOR FUCK SAKE PEOPLE. Remember the god damn reason you went into the profession of helping others – to help others!

And the other thing I don’t understand, whilst I’m on my giant rant this morning. Is why, when as a coach we are taught to guide people to understand their values. That there are coaches out there pushing against people’s values!!!

Let me explain more…

An objection, if you aren’t sure what the hell i’m banging on about. Is when a person says to you;

“This sounds great, let me talk to my partner and I’ll get back to you.” And the seller challenges that in order to persuade the person to buy now.

Now – the seller will view this as an objection – in other words an excuse. So they will push, and usually push until a sale is made over the phone by making the potential client very uncomfortable.

HOWEVER. This may in fact be a VALUE of the potential client – they desire to discuss financial arrangements with their partner, it may be a mutual trust agreement.


So I’m going to put myself out there and share a real life example of me reaching out to a coach myself, for support after taking some time out from my business to be with family.

ME: “I may just need a few weeks to get into the swing of bringing money back in and then can I reach out to sign up? I’m definitely up for it!”

COACH: This offer is only happening this week chic. You’ve gotta be ready to go girl. Weekly payments available too.

Taking the leap will be a big shift in your clients investing in you. It’s hard to be in your profession when you’re struggling. True?


NO. Just NO. Do not. I repeat DO NOT assume anything about your client. Do not pull any tactic in order to guilt them into buying.

BE AUTHENTIC. Holy crap what is the world coming to.

p.s Don’t ever fucking do what this person did and say “Is that a no?”. I mean Jeese. Give the client space and time to decide for themselves!


It honestly transports me back to the days that I worked for a bank. And I was told that as a cashier I wasn’t allowed to ‘have my own chat’ I had to instead ‘follow script’. And you can imagine my response to that – get stuffed!

Needless to say I left that job very quickly.

The saddest part about that. Was that I’d over heard an old couple in the bank saying “What ever happened to real customer service? It seems like it’s all bums on seats these days, I used to enjoy going to the bank and now it just feels like they want to sell you things you don’t even need”.

I mean really? Is that how you want to be viewed?

No it’s not.

And I’ll be the first to say, that man have I worked my ass off to learn learn learn and mainly learn how incredibly simple business and sales ACTUALLY is when you relax and just be you.

You don’t need the shenanigans, you just need to be real.

That’s why I’m putting together a guide for a completely different way of selling. The relaxed, lovely and kind way of selling. Drop me a message here and I’ll chat to you more about it πŸ₯°

Love to you all,

Emily-Rose πŸ™‚

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