Step Away From The Niche!

You desperately want to start your business. You’re excited and scared all rolled into one and because of this you’re looking for answers EVERYWHERE.

The more you look for answers the more information you find. It’s totally overwhelming and sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

You’ve been sucked into this age old marketing thing called niche and it’s totally consuming you.

Hey, I hear you. This happened to me several times before I realised something that totally changed my life in business as I knew it FOREVER.


There is no niche.

WHAAAAAAT!? I hear the marketing people say.



People come to YOU. They resonate with YOU. They are attracted to YOU.

I remember that moment sat in a class of people all filling in a marketing form around niche. I felt my chest tighten, I felt hot and flustered like I was being squeezed into a god damn uncomfortable box. I knew in that moment, that style of marketing just didn’t sit with me. It didn’t align with me AT ALL.

It all felt very over complicated and I thought… there has to be another way.

Well there is.

And that marketing tool is YOU.

It’s timeless, you will always be you. You’re message will always be the most powerful marketing tool you have, and the more authentic you allow yourself to be, the more aligned clients you will attract.

There is no faster way (with integrity) to attract soul-aligned clients to your business.

The hard push for niche is a trend like any other and having worked as a makeup artist in the advertising space for over 11 years I can tell you, it’s about time raw and real hit the market.

People are craving raw and real. They want to see ALL sides of you.

Show your true colours, build trust, build respect, build an authentic community of followers and thus build a business with strong foundations that grows rapidly.

Whilst we’re on the topic – forget bloody competition too. THERE IS NO COMPETITION WHEN YOU ARE SHOWING UP AS YOU!!!!

People can re-model and re-package what you have to offer in a million different unique ways. It doesn’t matter how they do it, YOU are you and always will be and no one else can replicate what you have to offer in the way that you deliver it. The end.

So stop stressing. Turn up each day and show your community the real you. From your heart and soul.

Not some thought up, pre-planned cleverly crafted marketing message to persuade people to buy your stuff. BUT a genuine raw, real and authentic message from YOU. Delivered with passion and purpose. And watch people jump at the opportunity of your products because they SEE for themselves the results that they can achieve with what you have to offer.

You’re losing SO MUCH time that you could be out there building a real client base with genuine interest in learning from you with each moment that you spend obsessing over the detail.

In the end, the best research you can do, is to put yourself out there and watch what works, what doesn’t, who you are attracting and LISTENING to what they are coming to you for.

There my friends, your ‘niche’ finds YOU. And when it does you can gently sculpt your business to support those needs.

STEP AWAY FROM THE NICHE. Stop chasing the niche. Let the niche find you organically.

And remember, humans are multi-faceted. If you woke up each day and were told “you can only have ONE type of conversation for the rest of your life” seriously? Would that make you happy?

HELL NO!! And if you answered yes this post is NOT for you.

Let people make up their own minds based on what they resonate with you for. Some people call me a business coach. Some people call me a business mindset coach, other terms I frequently get are: Mindset coach, life coach, life and success coach.

At best I’d define myself as a business mindset coach BUT ALL OF LIFE filters into business. So in the end I’m all of them and also none of them. I’m me – Emily-Rose Braithwaite of Core of Steel Coaching, delivering to you the knowledge I have based on my life experience.

My life experience and knowledge does attract a lot of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurialism is also a HUGE passion of mine and thus I do launch A LOT of programs with regards to this interest.

To close, I always say – YOU are your niche, your individual products are the topic specific part.

In essence.

My aim really is to have you live your dream life on YOUR TERMS in EXACTLY the way that you want to. To encourage you to recognise that YOU create your life and you don’t have to follow what anyone tells you you HAVE to do.

Have a wonderful day!

Emily-Rose 🙂


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