Say ‘Yes’ To What’s Calling You

There’s no denying that if you’re struggling to keep your head above water, you’re feeling burnt out, exhausted and over the world – you ain’t listening to soul.

I’m going to say that again


Because yes there are processes and yes there are structures but processes and structures that roll from flow are those that allow your life to flow with ease.

If you’re not feeling flow you’re forcing it.

I get it. You’re a go getter. You believe in working hard. You believe in helping others before helping yourself. And all of that you can do WHEN you get yourself into alignment first.

Those tasks you’re taking on that are causing overflow inside of you, an explosive amount of tension that makes you feel like a volcano ready to erupt? Guess what lovely… you’re creating it.


YOU’RE creating it and it’s time that I give you a dose of stand your ground. You’re creating it because you’re saying yes. Saying yes to everything BUT what’s calling you.

You have to remember that everything that you are experiencing in your life you are calling into existence. In the beliefs you hold, the choices you make, the actions you take and the results that present themselves that are your present life.

It’s visible in your wealth, in your career, in your body, in your mind in your relationships. How are those going?

Over worked?

You’re creating it.

Exhausted? You’re creating it.

Happy? You’re creating it.

You’re always in a constant state of creation, whether you realise it or not.

And some of you will be suitably ruffled by my message to you today. Perhaps even a little steam shooting from your ears.

What do you mean I’m creating it?

You’re the creator of your life gorgeous. You. You. You.

You say yes. You say no.

The question is what are you saying yes to? What are you saying no to?


And every time you get a little nudge, a message letting you know something that you need to do that really truly aligns with what you actually want, and you push it away and say no to what’s really calling you? IT NEVER WORKS.

You’re looking for every which way to fix how you’re feeling RATHER than listening to what you truly want. Tapping into that higher level you and giving yourself what you truly desire.

The fact is, your ability to say no when someone asks you to do something is grinding you down.

Let’s look at a common example:

Someone at work asks you to do something when you’re already working on something else, a simple phrase like “Sure, right now I’m working on X, so what is more of a priority to you right now?” works wonders.

People aren’t intentionally burdening you, they just know you’ll say yes AND they forget how under the pump you are, maybe even unaware.

This simple phrase reflects the responsibility back to the person who’s asking you to do something. It forces them to choose. And in turn you are taking control of your own choices.

In the end. It’s up to you. It’s up to you to figure out whether what you are currently doing with your life is actually your purpose, passion, true calling and soul aligned thing.

If you’re feeling depleted I can bet your bottom dollar it’s not, OR you’re simply focusing on the wrong thing.

Your focusing on the structures, processes and how to’s rather than showing up and delivering the true, passionate you and creating soul aligned processes from there.

It’s not the structures and processes people connect with. It’s the emotions, connection. people, personalities. The process IS dialling THAT up.

So give yourself a break – re-align yourself – this takes a simple question, “what do I want?”

Don’t buy into the I don’t know story. You know, even if you think you don’t know.

Tune in and listen in for what your heart is trying to tell you.



AND give yourself permission to live your best life, to chase your dreams and fall in love with the chase!

Because it’s ok, it’s always ok to want more. To want it all. Even if society tells you it isn’t. The secret is acting on your calling BECAUSE it’s your calling, not because you NEED it, but because you WANT IT. Because even though you’ll be damn ok without it, you’ll be damn happy with it too.

As the old saying goes, life isn’t a test drive. So the only thing wrong with people thinking it’s wrong to want it all, is thinking it’s wrong.

So write yourself a statement of intent.

From this moment on it’s ok, more than ok for me to want more, to have everything I want and desire in life. To live my best life. To be and do anything. Because everything is possible for me. The moment I decide what I want and lock it in. It’s done. I’m on the path to creation. I create my life and everything in it.

The end.

Emily-Rose x


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    1. Thank you Emma. I’m so excited that this resonated with you and that you can feel the passion within you! Now you can create exactly what you want x

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