27th Feb 2019 ~ Kate, Yorkshire, UK

I have to say that experiencing life coaching is brilliant.

In the past I’d have been sceptical but it’s proving to be the catalyst for the self motivation I’ve needed and lacked to take control of certain aspects of my life that I’ve really not been happy with. 

So to anyone out there who, like me, has been stuck in a rut, frustrated by life and wanting to make real and positive changes to their life and move forward, I’d absolutely recommend looking at Life Coaching! 

22nd Feb 2019 ~ Amy Ohio, United States

Over the past couple of months Emily has been coaching me. When I first came to her I felt like I was at my wits’ end and had no where else to turn. She has helped me discover so much about myself and with each session I learn more about what’s been holding me back from achieving my goals.A

17th Feb 2019 ~ Chidera ~ Sydney, Australia


Thank you for being a phenomenal coach. You have so much knowledge to share and even greater love to give and your future clients will be truly blessed by your presence. You have a way with words that resonate deeply and you sprinkled in a bit of your heart too, which made the process enjoyable. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know a little bit of you, I really appreciate you.