Repetition, Connecting To Soul And Just Doing The Damn Work

You KNOW what you want. You DREAM about what you want.

AND it’s just that little behind where you want to be. Ok. Maybe a lot… hmmmm?

Because it’s all about repetition and the excuses so easily slip in.

I haven’t got enough time today because…

I didn’t go live today because…

I didn’t post today because…

I didn’t sell today because…

I hear you. Oh fuck. Yep. That’s EXACTLY what’s happening.

And then. There’s just doing the damn work.

Because the 1% in the 1% who achieve EXACTLY what they say they are going to achieve just KNOW that attraction is in the action.

That you have to DO the work to BE successful.

Do you know how many people enrol in a course, and don’t ACTUALLY do the work?


A hella lot. That’s what.

And they STILL wonder why the sales aren’t streaming in.

Because it’s all about showing up, being visible, putting yourself out there EVERY SINGLE DAY. Come rain, hail or shine you’re out there.

Excuses are just stories you buy into. And the ones that hold you back suck. So change them.

It’s easy. Just decide.

Decide that you are going to step into being the leader every single day. There’s no one to compete with but you. The YOU you were yesterday, the YOU you are today and the YOU you’ll step into tomorrow.

Do that on repeat. Each and everyday. Showing up and delivering your message, selling to your audience ‘now and then’ or even once is just NOT going to cut it.

People are BUSY people!!!! So, you’ve posted your new program, product, service – your OFFER and it’s slow. Because people are busy and social media feeds are saturated. So in that world you HAVE TO BE VISIBLE over and over and over again.

Give people a chance to see you! To hear you and connect with you!

And that means you can’t just mosy on over to your social media feed and give a surface level sales pitch. You can’t manufacture it. It has to be real, the raw you. Unedited and wholeheartedly authentic.

On repeat.




And remember

Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams.


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