Nothing perfect can evolve, start where you are at and evolve from there

Are you a perfectionist? Do you find yourself caught in the trap of needing everything to be perfect until you start or put something creative out into the world?

Can you imagine if everything was PERFECT? How would it evolve and where would the challenge be? It’s important to remember that; Nothing perfect can evolve, just start where you are at, with the knowledge you have and evolve from there.

Here’s the thing about creativity ~ YOU CAN’T SCHEDULE IT! You’ve Gotta let it flow! If an idea pops into your head, trust your subconscious mind has the information you need to get started.

we could spend forever comparing against others, thinking we should be more qualified, wondering if people will see value in us… but the truth is, the best there is is WHO WE ARE, the raw, unedited YOU! Will everyone resonate? NO and that’s ok because for every person there are people in the world who are for you!

SO in true Nike fashion… JUST DO IT!

Take that leap, start, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Every moment you spend with that idea up your sleeve is a moment spent doing the world an injustice, because there is NO-ONE else like YOU! There is no-one else who can deliver what you have to offer in the way that you will. You are unique, valuable, worthy and the world NEEDS what you have to give! It needs YOUR talent!

There’s something tugging at your heart calling you to it. Every time you ignore it you’re essentially neglecting the part of you that is guiding you to live out your life purpose. Your energy is at it’s best when it’s inspired and that can only come from listening to your inner desires and deciding to start! To do it! To go for it!

Can you feel it? Can you feel that empty space inside of you just wanting you to put fear to one side and make it happen NOW!?

You’ve got this!

Emily-Rose ~ Life & Success Coach


Stop being the person who says “I’ll get round to it” and start being the person who says “I’m doing it now!”. Because life is NOW, not tomorrow or the next day.

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