Not Everyone Thinks Like You

As I travel back to Australia on my 20 something hour flight from the UK, I settle in to watch ‘Steve Jobs’, the movie.

I am fascinated, mildly or perhaps totally obsessed with success mindset, thinking outside of the box and discovering the way in which people ‘think differently’ in order to create huge success.

There’s one major thing that bothers me about the way in which many entrepreneurs are ‘taught’ to market themselves today. And that’s this phrase “do you know that it’s something the consumer wants?”

I think Steve Jobs was bang on when he said “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them”.

In my opinion, it’s not always about asking the audience what they want to see next, it’s about listening to them, listening to their problems, their desires, their dreams, their wants. And then delivering to them what they don’t yet necessarily know they need.

Might you be shot down a million and one times for your idea? Yes.

But people are often afraid of the unknown.

People might say, “‘Well why hasn’t anyone else done it yet?”

Because not everyone thinks like you.

Because no one else has come up with that solution yet.

And if Thomas Edison had listened to that kind of phrase, we might have been waiting a damn long time for the light bulb!

Listen to your intuition and in the words of Apple – ‘Think different.’

Listen to your calling. If you can see it in your mind it’s meant for you.

Don’t listen to fear. Step outside of it. Step into the unknown. Create like no one else creates and be immune to the nay sayers.

YOU know. YOU know what you can achieve. YOU know you are here for big things.

Now go out into the world and make change. And most importantly be YOU.

And remember.

Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams.

Emily-Rose πŸ™‚


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