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Your a mum and a busy mum too! You love being a mum yet have a burning desire to launch your own business. 

The thought of running your own business, being your own boss and having an uncapped earning potential lights you up inside. You get super close to taking a leap and then…

Fear creeps in… “There aren’t enough hours in the day”, “What if I’m the mum who picks her kids up late from school”, “How will I manage the kids and the house on top of a business”, “What if I fail and we end up penniless”, “Can I even afford to invest in a business start up!?”…

“Maybe I’ll wait until the kids are in day care…in school…in high school…Oh crap its 15 years later.”


You have a calling, something to deliver to the world. Somewhere out there, somebody is looking for your expertise and they need it from you.

Move out of your own way and give what you have to offer to the world. I always say, if Thomas Edison woke up one morning and said, meh, electricity didn’t work I’ll leave it to someone else… how long would we have been waiting? What would life be like now? 

You see, you aren’t just another person on the planet, you are you, you are unique and you could be the next person to make an impact on the world.

And then there’s your kids…

Who did YOU learn about business from? Who did YOU learn about money from? Were they positive role models who inspired you to take positive action? 

YOU can be a positive role model for your kids. If your role models as a child were not positive, it all changes now! From this point on, unless there’s a tiger in front of you THERE IS NO DANGER. 

Show your kids how to be incredible, strong family people who can fulfil their wildest dreams too. Show them how to create their own success and how to craft positive beliefs about themselves and what they can achieve

It all starts with you.

You are their inspiration. 

I've experienced poverty.

3 years ago I hit poverty, I had 27c in my bank account, was a recent single mum with two children to support and I lived 12000 miles away from my family. I knew that I had two choices – Sink or Swim. 

At my lowest point I was pulling up cushions on the sofa to find coins for dinner.

I reached out for help. The womens resource centre supported us with food and my landlord kindly gave us a rent free period until I was on my feet.

You see, I made the mistake of giving away my power, of giving up on my business and my financial independence too. When I suddenly found myself a single mum I had nothing, nothing to call my own. 

I made it my commitment and my mission that I would not only pull through it, but I would create a business with more impact than ever before. That I would help other mums to create their own independence and vision of success too.

Today, my vision is to create a business with a 7 figure income and whilst I haven’t hit that milestone yet, I have two businesses, independence, savings in the bank, two beautiful girls, one magical step-son, a puppy and a hugely supportive partner to be grateful for. 


Can't I just do this on my own?

If starting a business is something you’ve put on hold many times before, OR, you simply don’t know where to start, going it alone is the slow path.

I’ve learnt many tough mistakes along the way to creating a business that finally has me fulfilled, things I would have learnt (and transformed about myself) a lot faster with a coach by my side. You see, it’s difficult for us to see our own blind spots.

The best thing that you can do to set yourself up for success is have a coach by your side – I’m a firm believer that EVERYONE benefits from coaching no matter what, who or how.

One on one 3 month program


(Payable in instalments)

I work with a limited amount of clients each year in a one on one capacity. Please submit the form below if you would like to apply to have coaching with me.

One month live Group program

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