Meet The Mumpreneur Behind SuperModelHero® ~ Tools for becoming the best model of yourself possible


Meet Jordan P Martin; former model, tv presenter, author, PR business owner, yoga instructor, magazine editor and now the entrepreneurial brains behind SuperModelHero®.

You truly are a creative bubble. Could you tell us a little about what makes you tick? 

Life for me is about balance, strength and the flexibility on every level. I love creation, and seeing people’s dreams come alive, seeing that moment of realization that they can DO IT!

Whether it is a client with their business, a client during therapy or yoga or fitness, or one of my children achieving something they have put love and effort into.

How do you manage work life balance? What are your key tips? 

The question here has really answered itself… time management with work and balance in life…

I put everything in my diary with a square box and tick it off (so maybe my diary makes me tick too)… If I am really busy, I even include shower, lunch etc as these are the things as a working-from-home mum that are often neglected, yet looking after ourselves is key.

Some days I take off completely; no diary, just chilling out with my children and husband and a good book – I have worked for myself for years and have an adaptable system that is effective for my lifestyle, and it is important to find ways that suit your individual family set-up.

If you are working from home, getting dressed and going for a stroll before you switch on the computer is a great thing to do as opposed to rolling out of bed in your PJs and starting work before caring for yourself, such as having breakfast, brushing teeth etc.

Why did you begin SuperModelHero®?

This is a long story, and will be shared in my book, out next year, but in a nutshell it is to help people realise that as humans we have the tools to improve our own lives. The message may not be unique, but the model is, and there is a heap of thought, research and a whole lot of love injected into the concept, which takes abstract thinking and turns it in to a practical way for us to tap into our unique input into the world…

How can my readers get their hands on a copy of your free ebook?

I have free books available on my website resources’ page, as well as videos, currently there is an affirmation book for woman, and a kindfulness ebook for children.

How do you manage so many aspects of your business? Do you have a specific structure?

I see what I do as a part of my life, and I don’t get caught up in too many stresses, if something doesn’t come easily, then I consider it not to be the right time or space for that particular thing.

I schedule my diary a week ahead, with manageable tasks and I work through it, I maintain great relationships with clients and with my family and I ensure my planning is so thorough that it can be adapted in the event of external changes… again strength in the plan and flexibility in plan… balance.

It is important to remember that some things can wait, patience is a lovely thing to have, and I think perhaps after all of these years, I finally have this.

How do you mentally prepare for a challenge like public speaking?

I do SuperModelHero® of course… but also I just know that if I am saying something with passion, and from a good place that it will be fine. Practical tips are: to be yourself, don’t waffle, have a message, interact with the audience, do your research, and be prepared with regard to technology not working etc… And the main things to remember is that if it doesn’t go as expected ‘so what!?’ Just do your best with what you have!

What is your biggest future goal and what keeps you striving toward it?

I only have one goal, which is… to do the best that I can do as an individual in the way that helps as many people as possible, through my storytelling, mentoring and healing.

Jordan, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us some of your biggest tips, we can’t wait to see what SuperModelHero® brings in the new year!

Emily-Rose Braithwaite ~ Life Coach

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