Live The Laptop Lifestyle!

10 years ago, if you’d asked me if I’d ever be living the laptop lifestyle, I’d of laughed and thought it was a distant dream. It occurred to me this morning, as I was walking along the beach, recording a video for you all, laptop in my bag – That I am living the laptop lifestyle and I hadn’t even realised it! 

Life isn’t meant to be spent slogging your ass through a 9-5 that you down right bloody hate. You simply aren’t meant to feel miserable. You are meant to live your passion. You are meant to live your dreams.

The reason that we have so much incredible technology today, is because someone, somewhere trusted that the vision in their mind was achievable. That they were dreaming it for a reason. And so the idea was born into reality.

Just yesterday I launched my brand new membership site. Something that one month ago was a dream in my head. I had it all mapped out in my mind to the point I could see the buttons, the colours. Today I’m looking at it on my website in real time. 

Your dreams are only as far away as you want them to be. They are here for the creating and the taking.

You’ve just got to have the balls to do it. 

You don’t have to know

How you are going to get there

You only need to know


I can help you figure out the rest.

The passion

The How

It’s all there inside of you. 

If you’re trying to convince yourself that the future offers a better time to do it, you’re so god damn wrong – the future brings more excuses, more reasons why it’s just not time.It is time. NOW. It’s time. You know it is, in your heart. Your heart is screaming GIVE ME MY DREAM LIFE!

And you know, that you’re a frickin adventure lover who wants so much more than to be stuck in a job you hate. 

This is for the girls and guys who dream of a life bigger than they could have ever imaged. This is for the girls and guys who are so damn passionate about living a life full of adventure, growth, excitement, love and wealth that they will literally do ANYTHING to get there.

This is not for the faint hearted. This is not for person who is happy to plod along. 

I’m going to quite literally kick your ass into massive action. Week after week until you have that laptop in your hand, your feet on the sand (or the grass or whatever), the sun shining down on you as you build your MASSIVE empire! 

I’m going to discipline your gorgeous self until you are consistently taking action. No matter how many times you want to throw the towel in. No matter how many times you want to give up, until you start to see that impact you are having in the world, until you feel money flowing to you with ease, ideas with ease, life with ease.

Design your TRUE passion business

  • Create rock solid self esteem and self belief and certainty – to an extent that you never imagined possible.
  • Live the laptop lifestyle you’ve always imagined 
Live your life ON purpose, by DESIGN, full of PASSION, KNOW YOUR PURPOSE and do it all 100% from a place of total EASE and FLOW.


Let me teach you how I created a laptop lifestyle. Let me show you how to do it. Let me guide you through the fear. 

This is an opportunity to work personally with me month to month. You’ll receive weekly coaching and mentoring sessions, unlimited daily access to me via voxer, facebook messenger, email and phone. 

I’ll support you every day, day in day out until you say EM I’m where I want to be. And even then, I’ll be here to support the successful you. To take you to new levels. Levels that aren’t even in your mind yet because your dreams move with you.

Stop spinning yourself the crap lovely. If you want this massive life you dream of, you’ve got to take action today and do that consistently every day until;  the day that you are no longer on the planet. Now THATS exciting. THATS a life worth living.

Here’s How We’re Going to Do That

  • We’ll tap into your TRUE message, the thing that’s calling you, pulling you, screaming at you to listen. AND then we’ll let that magic out into the world! 
  • This means – tapping into flow, discovering your calling, your purpose, your MUST and what’s been stopping you so far. Something that you dream of selling but aren’t sure if it would. INFACT we’ll totally screw up your fear of selling, we’ll turn it inside out and back to front until you can’t even remember what it felt like to be afraid to sell.
  • Right now the possible feels impossible because you haven’t allowed it to consistently be part of your REALITY. I’ll show you how to define your message in such a way that people want to pay you for it. In such a way that you touch the hearts of people emotionally all over the world.
  • I’ll KICK YOUR ASS INTO ALIGNMENT. Life? It’s now gorgeous. And you KNOW you’ve got to kick your ass into gear and get shit done if you truly want to be LIVING your dream life now. This means complete HONESTY about what you really want, and who you’re here to be. I’ll help you to uncover what you ACTUALLY TRULY want, not even what you know you want but the desire beneath that that you haven’t tapped into yet.The life you want to have IN DETAIL that you now CHOOSE to create.I won’t support the excuses, infact I’ll bust those out of you until you get it. Until you get that your excuses are what’s killing you slowly, painfully inside. AND then and only then the MAGIC will happen.
  • AND THEN WE’LL take action and make it happen! Money is not a reason to keep delaying your dream. Take hold of your dream and make it happen – the money will come. Money is NEVER an excuse. Although its an excuse that is repeatedly used – we ALWAYS find the money for the things that matter to us. When are you going to make your life – the life you dream of living a priority?
  • This is how I see it – ROI – Return. On. Investment. If I invest in myself and my dream what result will I see? If I invest in myself and my business the business grows, money flows into the business, I invest more into the business, the business grows, the money flows and so it goes until it gets bigger and BIGGER. There’s no more time left to keep living the life that makes you miserable, the life that you know you aren’t meant to be living. Theres literally not a single excuse on the planet that can give reason to sabotaging your own success. YOU ARE THE CREATOR. Show the children of today what they can achieve and how quickly they can do it. Show them that all of their dreams are available to them
  • My daughter listens to that song ‘a million dreams’ from the greatest showman ON LOOP. Because she believes that its available for her – at 6. So why is it that we grow up and forget how easy it was to act as if we already have what we dream of. Its not rocket science why kids are happy – they are happy because they FLOW, they BELIEVE with EASE. They just are exactly who they want to be. Who they’re here to be. Exactly who they truly are.
  • SO I’ll work with you on a personalised plan for action that you KNOW you can commit to, that suits your ULTIMATE life style, your desires, and that allows you to start LIVING that life that you think is a distant dream right NOW.
  • We’re gonna get you consistently showing up every single day! Seriously,you’ve gotta do the work – AND work SMART. I can honestly say that I get more done in a day than some entrepreneurs get done in a week. AND I do that because I commit to myself to show up every single day without fail. I launch fast, with ease, with flow and I love every minute of it. All the while dropping my kids to school, doing the gym DAILY, walking my dog, picking my kids up again from school AND running TWO BUSINESS’S. Excuses my ass – its a cop out, a get out, a reason to stay stuck and it SUCKS big time. Don’t let that be you.
Get your shit together – stop killing your dreams with the massive rigid structure, the social media posts that take you no where closer to a sale, the anxiety, the over whelm, the head spinning decision making detail that just doesn’t need to frickin be there. Haven’t you had enough already?

GOOD! SO lets do this.,

  • I’ve been there, I get it – the depression, the anxiety, the suicidal thoughts, the self harm, the anxiousness and guess what I FRICKIN LOVE LIFE! Because I CHOSE a new path, a new life. I chose to stop living the same olf miserable cycle, to break away, to take a risk, to part with cash that I honestly didn’t even have but found, to invest in myself to design the life I want.
And if caffeine is your wake up call – Fuck me – you need dose of – wake the fuck up and realise its your life that needs injecting with energy – not your body!


And if you’re succumbing to the rules of what you think you SHOULD DO then you’ll never be happy. SO stop that shit. Right now. The end.

  • So I talk a lot about FLOW. Flow is when it all feels easy. When The creating just comes to you naturally, your message flows out through you instead of you ‘thinking’ or ‘making’ it up.When you are so absorbed in your creativity that you lose time, you just create without thinking and it all just flows out naturally, effortlessly, the way it SHOULD be.
  • Creating ias so damn easy when it’s done in this way. How do you think I’m writing to you now? Its just my message, the true message I’m meant to deliver to you in this moment and I’m allowing it to come out just as it is. I don’t judge it, I don;’t even change it. It is what it is and that’s all it is. This program idea, it came to me in the form of a realisation in my head ‘I’m living the laptop lifestyle’ ‘People want this!’ The only way to live the life you want to live, is to ignore anything that tells you you can’t and say yes to the vision in your mind. To recognise when your thoughts and decisions are coming from fear and instead choose to follow love and adventure.
  • We’re going to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, your beliefs, the very driving force of your mind. Because get this – you’re already creating the life you DON’T want. No one else is holding a gun to your head and telling you your every next move (unless they really are and we should definitely do sojmeothing about that).
  • Thye point is, you’re already creating, don;’t you see? You’re reality is what you believe. End of. YOU choose. You always choose, you always have. It’s no one else’s responsibility. It’s always yours, it always will be. Stop blaming your external reality, the people around you. Empower yourself and take your life into your own hands.
  • We’ll get rid of ebverything that’s holding you back, so that you can move forward.b AND we’ll make you more money too.
  • True wealth happens from one place only – creating with passion. the passion is the money magnet. It’s never the other way round. Get your priorities straight. If you’re first answer is ‘I can’t afford it’ can you ever expect wealth? No, because you have to be willing to give to receive. You have to be able to be able to focus on the value, not the cost. It is what it is and that’s all it is. Its all your choice.
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