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Life’s too Short to Feel Unhappy in your Own Skin ~ Body Transformation Specialist Silvia Kovacsova Shares her Fitness Secrets

Silvia Kovacsova is an IFBB Figure Pro Athlete with a passion for transforming lives. She is a Body Transformation Specialist, Bikini, Fitness & Figure Comp Prep Coach and holds a Cert III and VI in Nutrition. Silvia operates her coaching business 5Star Physique with her partner Daniel Fletcher in Sydney, Australia. In our Interview Silvia kindly shares her secrets around body transformation, self love and all things fitness.

What is your earliest memory of fitness?

My brother trained a lot and when I was 16 years old I stepped into the gym with him for the first time. My eye was instantly drawn to the fit and muscular physique posters hanging on the walls, it was so impressive!

I started to weight train and fell in love with the way that weight training made me feel both mentally and physically. I felt strong and my self esteem increased.

The connection between your mind and body when you weight train is amazing. Weight training teaches great focus and it is also a brilliant form of mindfulness.

Was your progression into fitness as a way of life gradual or was it a penny drop moment where you just knew it was your passion?

 I was training on and off for years. I always wanted to have a body like the fitness girls in fitness magazines, however, I didn’t have much knowledge about body sculpting at that time.

When I was 30 I met my partner Daniel who taught me a lot about weight training and competing. For further knowledge I also studied Fitness and became a Personal Trainer.

I am incredibly grateful to have been coached by 4 top fitness/bodybuilding coaches in Australia. I am continuously searching for more information about training and dieting to gain further knowledge. My aim is to become a top athlete and help my clients even more.

When I did my first bodybuilding competition that was it! I knew I could do this. Other than my hobby of weight training from the age of 16, I had zero professional sports background before the age of 30. Now in my 30’s I have finally found a sport that I can excel in. 

What inspired you to become a bodybuilding athlete over other forms of fitness?

The look of fit, strong, healthy looking physiques plus the healthy confidence that comes with it inspired me to become a bodybuilding athlete! I love it! I love looking after my body, it makes me feel proud.

I hope I can help others to grow stronger in positive beliefs so that they can transform their physique into what they wish for. I didn’t know I could do it until the age of 30, so there is a lot of people that don’t know what talent they might have. It is about giving it a go and not being scared of failure. 

What inspired you to become a body transformation coach?

My own body transformation to be honest. I experienced how much I could transform my own physique from a tiny slim frame with a bit of fat around my waist to a fit, hard and strong physique with all the definition including a 6pack.

I started to coach my Personal Training clients. Over the years I assisted in hundreds and hundreds of successful body transformations and became a Body Transformation Specialist. This is a very satisfying job, changing peoples lives has a fantastic impact on my life. 

What techniques and strategies do you utilise to maintain self discipline?

The mirror πŸ™‚ In the morning when I wake up, if my belly looks a bit rounded I know this doesn’t make me happy. I know I have not tried hard enough with training or I have eaten too much over the weekend. Hey, we all do it here and there.

It’s important to stay on a healthy meal plan that makes you feel good and look good. Exercising is my therapy, therapy for my mind and also good therapy for my body. I just love to look after myself. Life is too short to feel unhappy in your own skin!

Do you ever have moments of doubt throughout your competition prep and how do you overcome these challenges?

Sure I do. There were many times that I felt that I didn’t have enough muscle, or enough lines in my legs, or the best symmetry. Those negative thoughts don’t stay with me too long as after a moment like this I usually push doubly hard when I train and just do my best. That is all I can do – No one is perfect.

In the bodybuilding world you have to keep working on your weaknesses. You have to continuously improve your whole physique and hide your imperfections. 

You maintain a strong physique all year round, what drives and inspires you to achieve this?

Fitness is my life. For me, it is not hard to look fit all year around because as I said before I love looking after my body. I put myself first because if I don’t look after myself, my body and my health how can I help others? I love exercising and I love eating well, It makes me feel like me. I have some chocolate and glass of wine weekly too πŸ™‚ but as a treat not as a daily thing. 

Have there ever been obstacles that have challenged your ability to maintain your training and if so how did you overcome it?

I have a few problems with my flexibility which affect my training and muscle development. I do weekly yin yoga, foam rolling on my legs and get a sports massage weekly to improve these issues.

How often do you train and what keeps you motivated to take continuous action?

In my off season (when I am not competing), I weight train 5-6 times per week with no cardio and I do 1-2 yoga classes a week also.

In my competing season I do weight training 5-6 times per week plus 5-6 cardio sessions and 1-2 yoga classes a week.

What would you say to anyone struggling to take action or maintain consistency?

No matter how old you are there is still time to change.

 ‘One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.’

Silvia thank you so much for sharing your secrets to creating a body you love and for inspiring us to maintain continuous self love. You’re a huge part of my inspiration in maintaining a fitness lifestyle and I simply couldn’t imagine a life without it now. It is an incredible achievement to know that you are now the girl on the posters who inspire others and that you have such an impact in the world transforming the lives of so many people.

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