Just Keep Going

If there’s one thing I feel pretty proud of myself for, it’s my ability to just keep going.

Has it always been that way?

Well, yes and no.

Have I always kept going? YES.

Have I always wanted to? NO.

I get it. God I get it. I get it more than you could ever imagine I get it. Those days when you wake up and think FUUUUUUUUUUUCK, why is it happening for them and not for ME?!

Why is everyone else’s life so god damn perfect?


It’s all in your mind. I mean no one is walking around telling you ‘my life is perfect and your’s isn’t you’re just deciding to tell yourself that and then feeling like shit as a result of it.

Let me be down right honest just about now. I have been the person knelt on the kitchen floor, tears streaming down my face, contemplating the best way not to be on the planet anymore.

I am also the person who now realises that all that shit – is just a story.

Because in the end, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you. Because it’s just their story.

All of it’s a story. What you love, what you hate, your dreams, your fears. All the things you tell yourself based on the perception of your life experience.

So if you know this. Why not get that you can live any damn life you want to because YOU tell the story.

Quit holding yourself back, giving half assed excuses about why you just aren’t ready yet, or why you just aren’t good enough and fucking get out there and take the world by storm.

I’m so over the ‘but once many years ago this person was really awful to me and now I can’t ever enjoy my life’ epidemic.

SERIOUSLY, are you going to let that small percentage of people who once made you feel like you weren’t good enough, be the reason that you don’t achieve your dreams?

Because seriously gorgeous, there are SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE on the planet who are uplifting, inspiring and incredible to surround yourself with.

If you want that, you need to get busy being you and attract those people into your life. In essence, you need to decide right now to BE the person that is uplifting, inspiring and incredible for people to surround themselves with.

Be the example to the people who think it’s not possible to do all the crazy big and dreamy things. Show them how it’s done. Show them that it’s possible.

And for god’s sake. If they don’t get it, don’t try to convince them. Show them. Show them. Show them how dreams are achieved.

Show them that it’s not crazy to act as if your dreams are already here.

Show them what happens when you act as if your dreams are already here.

Show them how you create your existence moment to moment.

Why join the small life when it’s possible to join the big one. It’s no surprise why they say the 1% in the 1% are the people who achieve massive success. Because too many people live their lives being sculpted by other people and external events.

And one day they realise. FUCK. That was a missed opportunity. If I could go back in time I’d…


Because if you are doing what your husband or your mum or your dad or your best friend or your brother, sister, auntie, uncle, son, daughter, teacher or whoever else you want to add to that list want you to do then that is not living from your soul.

I have something very important to say to you right now.


I’ll say that again…


It doesn’t matter how much you try to convince yourself that you are the other half of someone, or that you just want people to be happy.

Your soul will never be anyone else’s and their soul will never be yours.

What you really need to understand is. That you are you. They are they. You breathe alone. They breathe alone. You CHOOSE to be in one another’s life. And that is where it ends.

So do yourself a favour. Stop living for other people and start living for you. Because it’s then that you can uplift other people. And that is far more powerful than living for other people.

And when you do all of this no matter how much you want to give up and you just keep GOING. You realise that that is what it’s all about. The consistency and the courage and the determination and the creativity and the journey of just enjoying each moment that creates your success.

No matter what.


Because the results will come. If you just keep going.

It’s the stopping that holds you back. Not the going. The going will always support you. because the world just keeps turning and time will never stop and so no matter how much you put things off. Ultimately you’ve just gotta roll with the turns of the world.

And remember…

Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams.

Emily-Rose 🙂


Work with me 1:1 and chase your own dreams. I’ll kick your ass, I’ll hold you accountable and I’ll make sure you reach the success you dream of. Because I can see your blind spots, I can see the little niggles that hold you back that at the moment you can’t get a hold on. And together we will smash them out of the park. Because all of your dreams are meant for you, are waiting for you. And all you need is someone to tell it to you straight. To tell you that your excuses aren’t gonna cut it. To show you how amazing and capable you are.

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