If You Can See It In Your Mind and Feel It In Your Soul ~ It’s Meant For You

You slip into endless daydreams imagining what could be. What life would be like IF… fill in the blanks.

AND THEN you convince yourself that’s it’s not possible yet BECAUSE… fill in the blanks.

You convince yourself that it’s just a dream, that’s it’s not meant for you. BUT deep within your soul, and you feel it in your heart when you imagine it, you know it is meant for you. You KNOW that’s the life you are MEANT TO LIVE.

AND that’s why you are so god damn frustrated, indecisive and googling things like “what’s the purpose of life?”, it’s why you constantly second guess yourself and live your life fearing the future.

Because you’ve succumbed to ‘normal’ the stay stuck belief that life could be anything BUT what it currently is. The belief that sucks the life quite literally out of you on a daily basis.

So, what is that dream that you daydream? That feeling of that ‘something missing’ inside of you. What is that vision, that image, that picture, that movie in your mind that plays on loop?

You can see it inside your mind BECAUSE ITS a part of you! YOU can see it in your mind because it’s available to you. It’s available to you BECAUSE it’s a part of who you KNOW YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. AND the longer you tell yourself you can’t have it, the more frustrated you feel.

So what’s the solution?


Trust yourself. TRUST that you have everything within you that you need to make your dream a reality. There are other people on the planet living the dream that you have in your mind. So you KNOW it’s possible for you.

AND sure there could be a million reasons that you could tell yourself as to why it’s easier for them and not for you, why it’s meant for them and not for you. But in the end that’s only fear. An obstacle you are placing in your own way to stay ‘comfortable’.

And what is comfortable? Comfortable is settling somewhere in between that place you don’t want to be in and the place of living your life EXACTLY the way you want to!

How’s that working out for you?

In the end there’s really only three options:

Stay stuck and unhappy.

Live in that ‘comfortable’ place under the false illusion of safety. (The feeling of safety is already available to you within you, it’s not something found externally even if you persuade yourself it is.)

OR you can step into the life you know you are MEANT for. The life that sets your heart on fire, makes you sparkle through your day. That allows you to BE who you know you just have to be in the world.


You can try, but that burning desire will keep bubbling away beneath the surface.

I never intended to have an online coaching business, BUT I COULDN’T ignore the tap tap against my heart once it came into my mind. And the moment I took that leap and made it a reality, that decision changed my entire life.

YOU CAN HAVE THAT! BUT it comes with surrendering to FLOW. Finally following your passion and saying yes to the life that’s calling you.

Are you ready?

Emily-Rose x


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