Have Confidence In Your Ability To Sell, To Show Up Each Day As You. That’s It.

It’s so easy to feel all consumed in the amount of marketing templates, schemes and gurus out there isn’t it?

Am I doing it the right way?

I’ll just invest in one more course, one more course that GUARANTEES me clients NOW! and THEN I’ll be flying.

So you invest.


You’re still confused, still waiting. Still wondering why your product or program isn’t selling yet.

Because if you just have that magic template they’ll all come running…

Your KILLING your self! You’re killing your message, your passion, your purpose.

Because you’ve got the know how. You’ve already got the template, you’ve followed the why the what and the how that runs through every other marketing course and you already know how to create the damn product.



Showing up day in day out as YOU with unstoppable commitment and SELLING the damn thing.

Because it really is that simple.

And all that other stuff?

The funnels, the automated emails, the re-purposing of content? It all falls into place when you start delivering content daily.

Because then

You have gold to automate. And you share it again and again and all of a sudden you’re producing content so fast it’s impossible NOT to automate some of it.

This isn’t rocket science.

RELAX. And be at peace now feeling totally comfortable to just show up.


You’re running around each day doing fucking loads and getting no closer to the result you want.


Because all that other stuff you’re doing isn’t the MAIN POINT.

The main point in your business is that thing you’re shit hot at.

Creating, coaching, mentoring, being the damn business. Being the leader. Being you!

The true essence of your business always has and always will be connecting back to soul and sharing that with the world.

It’s BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. And remember selling is simply delivering your message and putting a price tag on that. It’s so simple.

And you know that.

That’s why it’s frustrating. Because you have been convincing yourself for so long now that it should be more complex than it is.


Show up everyday and do the damn work.

They hustle. They never stop hustling.

They don’t sit back and wait for the clients to roll in.

And you know that. You know that all that’s missing is stepping into that zone every single day and BEING the leader.

You were born to be a leader and it’s always been that way. That’s why you spend so much of your time learning how best you can become the best.

And you already are.

If you’ll simply get that the secret simply is being YOU. The you that’s completely unleashed, free, authentic and ready to share your message with the world EVERYDAY. And sell. Everyday until the end.

That’s it.

That’s all.


Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams.

Emily-Rose 🙂


Are you ready to unleash the inner you and BE the leader you were born to be?

Are you ready to jump into that next level business vision in an unconventional way?

Because you KNOW that building your business from the ground up should be simple. Easy. Fun. Flow.

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