Get Out Of Your Own Way

Have you ever noticed that there’s ALWAYS SOMETHING that you can come up with that stops you going great guns for your dreams?

“It’s too expensive”, “money’s too tight”, “I don’t have enough time” “it’s too hard” “I don’t have the right qualifications “I don’t have enough experience”.


Other people may not call you on it so I’m going to! It’s ridiculous and down right insanity to continue to live a life in the middle when you could be living it at the highest version of who you know in your soul you are meant to be.

It’s a massive big get out for being responsible for your dreams. It’s got nothing to do with the list above and everything to do with FEAR.

That’s right. FEAR.

Do you know how long I sat on my dream of coaching business mindset before taking action PURELY because I told myself a sad little story that I wasn’t good enough?

And can you guess what happened when I replaced that story with something that would ACTUALLY do something positive for me?

That’s right. Without any force at all I began to attract entrepreneurs left, right and centre. People who had wanted to start a business for so long, who finally made the leap. People in business who accelerated their progress in under 6 weeks.

Because for a huge part of society it takes something major to make a big change. They believe change is scary. But for you and I? Change is exciting! Exhilarating!

The mere concept of earning a year’s salary in a month?


For people like you and I, we just knew, we’ve always known, that we were born for something BIG.

As a child as young as 5 I remember saying I’m going to own a business and I’m going to live in another country. I set my intention young and that belief created my reality – as all beliefs do.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 11 years, I own two businesses and I live in Australia (I’m originally from the UK).

You either believe or you don’t believe. It’s really that simple. If you don’t believe. My posts aren’t for you.


If you truly believe that you are in charge of your reality. Stick around and we’ll take you places bigger than your dreams.

Because it all starts with a simple decision. A choice. A decision that you want something. From there you decide who you need to be to have it. Then comes the ACTION. And BOOM ITS ALL HAPPENING.

Like magic? No. Like YOU are in charge of your life of course. Because you aren’t a victim of life. You know that life is beautiful and full of wonderful and amazing incredible things to do, see and experience. Full of incredibly talented and creative people to meet.

Life is not for the plodding. It’s not even for the half assed effort. It’s all in and striving for the highest possible place you can take yourself to.

It’s knowing that by wanting more you are by no means taking anything away from anyone else. Quite the contrary – you are adding value to the world. You’re an inspiration as you step through your day. Showing the people how it can be.

That anything is possible. Anything. Anything at all.

Because as a child you didn’t just pretend. YOU WERE the frickin princess or the cowboy or the astronaut or what ever you wanted to be. There wasn’t even any question about it.

You’re already living the life you’ve chosen. The question is, is it the one you want to settle at?

Emily-Rose x


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