Find your audience by simply being you

There’s something wonderful about reaching a point where you feel comfortable simply being you. The raw, unedited, you.

It’s easy to get caught up in the endless reams of marketing tools, wondering if you’re doing it right, but in the end, YOU being YOU wins above and beyond every single time.

People want to connect with people, not robots. They want to relate, to know someone somewhere in the world is on their wave length, has experienced some of what life has been like for them so far. Or on the flip side, to find some hope that life could be different for them by feeling inspired by someone they aspire to.

You don’t need to attract the whole world, someone out there needs to connect with you because they resonate with what you have to offer, the message YOU have to give.

BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE THROUGH AUTHENTIC CONNECTION ~ people first, numbers second. Go out into the world and genuinely help people, jump onto a video, blog, post and be yourself.

A couple of days ago I posted a quick video into my group coaching program ~ wearing my gym clothes because that’s where I was going after school drop off.

My puppy was squeaking his toy in the background and my daughter was running around laughing and playing with him. I giggled on camera and told my audience what was happening and hash tagged it #kidspuppyworklife welcome to the mad house.

I was nervous about posting something that ‘wasn’t polished’ and then… there was a brilliant response! “Love how honest this video is!”

People love to feel part of your world, a sense of warmth and real connection. We are all juggling things in day to day life and sharing yourself authentically builds trust and rapport. It let’s people know that you are real, that we are all equal and there’s no such thing as perfect.

Keep focus on your genuine purpose and the intention of making a difference in the world and never lose sight of that.

I get this insane buzz of excitement when I think about how many lives I can touch literally through my fingertips with the power of the internet. THAT is purpose, THAT is passion.

Before writing this post I asked myself “what shall I write about?” and then let it flow from my heart. I don’t allow myself time to stop, think and analyse; I just write and go back to read it once I’m finished writing.

When we stop and analyse what we are writing it’s all too easy for self judgement to jump in and over-ride our true message.

Let everything you write or speak flow from the heart, with true authenticity.

Don’t overthink it, JUST BE YOU!

Emily-Rose ~ Life & Success Coach

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