I am excited to offer individual DISC Assessment which includes a welcome call, a detailed report and a 30 minute debrief session. DISC is a Strengths Profile – Behavioural Analysis that helps you to recognise and implement strategies that will make you the most successful version of yourself.

The cool thing about this is that it teaches you how to instantaneously recognise people’s key behavioural styles, to not only understand why you do what you do, but also to understand why they do what they do too!

This insight enables you to adapt your communication style and build instant rapport with people. This awareness gives you the ability to transform your relationships both professionally and personally.

Whilst there are many Behaviour Analysis tools out there, I personally love DISC due to it’s simplicity. There are 4 key Behavioural Styles in this assessment and people are a blend of these.

This understanding has been life changing for me and I also have so much fun adapting my own styles to build rapport with people on a daily basis.


*Please note: If you have purchased a Life Coaching Program with Core of Steel Coaching, DISC is included in your program.


Your assessment can be purchased via the payment button below, please schedule your welcome call with me my via the Calendar button at the bottom of this page. This call allows me to gain further understanding around what you want to gain from DISC.

Following our welcome call you will receive your assessment invite via email. Once the assessment is complete you will receive your report and I guide you through understanding your results in our 30 minute debrief session.


DISC assessment including a welcome call, a detailed report and 30 minute debrief session with Emily-Rose.