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Creating and launching your content is the most exciting and damn easy thing to do when you relax into being FULLY who you are and tap into creative flow. No more sales calls. No more rules and processes. Discover how insanely FUN and ADDICTIVE launching is!

If you’re anything like I was you’re getting lost in the detail, you’re desperate to get out there and start helping people AND make money too, but as each day ticks by you still haven’t launched.

Do you find yourself thinking… 

“Will my content be good enough?”

“Am I qualified enough?”

“How much would I charge?”

“How do I set up a group?”

“How do I create my content in the first place?”

Stop Thinking!

We'll create all of this!

✨Create and design your offer.
✨Pricing your offer.
✨Working out your content.
✨Setting up your group.
✨Never think about a sales page in the same way again.
✨Completely eliminate your fear of selling – INFACT YOU’LL LOVE IT! 

If like I used to, you have have a fear being ready. Of needing to follow a specific marketing process…

Rest assured that what i'm about to teach you today is so profoundly simple, you'll wonder why you aren't doing it already!

Banish the fear of making money doing something you LOVE. You CAN have it all! You really can!

Once you’ve purchased the program click the link to join the Launch Your Online Program NOW Workshop facebook group ~ I’ll see you there!

Emily-Rose 🙂