Consistency Without Burnout in Biz

So what does consistency actually mean?

Because so often, people seem to think it’s an all in or all out approach. Hustle until you die kinda thing.

When it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sometimes, to slow down actually enables you to move forward more quickly.

And I believe, that the magic truly comes from LISTENING to your intuition.

Your body knows. It knows when it wants to move, it knows when it needs to rest. And it knows balance.

Your head on the other hand is an entirely different story, occasionally it needs a tad more convincing that moving, taking action and doing the work is in fact the option that creates your success.

But for your mind to operate at optimum level, for you to become the fucking awesome entrepreneur you KNOW that you ARE. To help the people you want to help, to make the money you want to make.

You’ve got to start listening to that inner voice that says “I need this”.

Do you jump into emails or social media as soon as you open your eyes? Is that your intuition talking or obsession? YOU are in control. Remember that.

I say this at 5.30am as I sit by the sea and write to you. My time to run, to stretch, to listen to the water lapping onto the beach, to watch the sun rise and the boats gently rock on the ocean, to allow creativity to pulse through my veins and the message I have to share to trickle out from my finger tips.

If I wake early. I listen… does my body want more sleep? Does it want to get up and run? Does it want to stroll to the beach and simply chill?

The point is people. PUT YOUR BODY FIRST.

It’s the only one you’ve got!

And if you want fucking amazing results – like, the clients, the money, the stable mind and the body of your dreams, I unapologetically shout to the clouds “IT TAKES PRIORITY!”

What have you got without your health?

Want to make business decisions that will leap you forward day by day?

Nurture your mind. Nurture your body. Give it first opportunity and THEN start your work.

Start tuning in. Ask yourself regularly “What do I need right now?”

And listen for the answer – the FIRST answer.

And eventually, you’ll just hear it, you’ll be all tuned in and you’ll just know that consistency doesn’t mean burn out.

This is week I’m training in master NLP and whilst I consistently NEED to engage with my audience, I listen to my body which says “You got off a 20 hour flight on Friday and have gone straight into 9 days of NLP, if you take a couple of days for you it’s OK!”

Guess what? THIS is how I communicate that to my audience!! You can too!

We are all human, and if we want to serve others, looking after you comes first.

And remember…

Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams.

Emily-Rose 🙂


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