Build Your Community One Person At A Time

In a world where influencers are left right and centre, it’s really easy to get sucked into the notion that you have to build your business as fast as possible. That you have to have thousands of followers to make your business work.

You get sucked into what marketing strategy should I use? What process? How do I make people follow me? Buy my stuff?



One incredibly enthusiastic person is worth more than 1000 random connections.

Marketing strategies and processes of course have their place, but formed first and foremost by you being YOU. Naturally. It’s NOT a template.

It’s not about building your business as fast as possible, it’s about getting your CONTENT, your MESSAGE out there as fast and consistently as possible and energetically your community will align and grow.

The real gold is in your relationships. It’s in NURTURING relationships one person at a time, engaging, giving valuable advice, not holding back just to make a buck.

People invest in that which they TRUST. So build it. Focus on the people who genuinely follow you because they genuinely connect with you.

And then


It’s the secret to success. It’s NOT in the numbers. It’s in the QUALITY of your numbers. The quality of your relationships.

1000 people at a time doesn’t make a lick of difference if they aren’t genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

The real sales come from those who connect with you.

It’s all about connection. It’s about showing up as you and truly wanting to help.

If people ask me questions I ALWAYS answer, I always help. It’s first and foremost what I love to do. Anytime that I’ve EVER tried to hold back something that I want to deliver for free in my message OR to someone who’s reached out, it’s felt out of alignment.

I never worry about ‘I’ll do this bit for free and this should be paid’ I just trust that I have the ability to deliver EVERYTHING that I have to deliver in my paid programs and 1:1 clients.

Each time you hold yourself back because you are worried about delivering something for free vs being paid, you stifle your creativity, your energy, your flow AND your consistency.



Everything it needs to be, let your message flow in EXACTLY the way that it wants to. Let your energy connect fully with your audience without reserve.


Wholeheartedly, unreservedly so.

It’s not HOW do I grow my following,

It’s WHO am I being?

WHO do I need to be?

WHAT would the next level me say to myself?

What is that next level you? What does that look like?

What are you doing each and everyday?




And embrace all the change and transformation that occurs when you simply allow everything you have to offer to flow with ease.

Dare to take action and create the success of your dreams!

Emily-Rose x


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