Become a Published Author Online Workshop

I'm not going to tell you every word to write, but I WILL teach you the mindset & strategy to become a published author - and FAST!



That's WHY I'M sooooo excited to launch this 7 day BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR ONLINE WORKSHOP!!!

Your's FOR LIFE.

For the writer who wants it done now AND DOESN'T like strict rules and processes!

Step into a faster pace of creating and letting it all flow with ease.

Private facebook group access, live online training PLUS 1.1 catch up’s with me via voxer throughout the workshop.

Are you currently writing a book? OR are you still sitting on the idea, dreaming of the day you can hold that copy in your hands...?

Having written and had published two books, I am incredibly excited to finally have the chance to share the EXACT process I used to write my books, find a publisher AND secure a second book publishing deal.

As always, my method is simple, straight to the point and easy to achieve.

If you're where I was a the beginning of my publishing journey you're probably fleeting between thoughts of self doubt AND feelings of being the next JK Rowling! Battling time restraints and the how-to's.

Does this sound like you?

You've got this!

Can you imagine how it would feel to hold your own book in your hands?

Can you imagine walking into the book store and seeing it on the shelf?

How about seeing it go global via Amazon and all of those other amazing online platforms!?

I remember the most incredible feeling as I walked into Waterstones bookstore and saw my book sitting on the shelf right next to Bobbi Brown's Makeup book. THAT was a dream come true.

We'll cover EXACTLY how to take your idea from start to finish and shift your mindset to having it NOW!

I'll teach you EXACTLY how to tap into your inner creativity in a way that all just FLOWS and FAST!

Are you ready to sign up today and save over 30%?!

Earlybird Price $97! (Usually $129)

Emily-Rose x

Once you’ve purchased the online workshop, click the link to join the private facebook group. See you there!