goal coaching session

Athlete, Goal Coach ~ Ange Ritchie shares her secrets to achieving your goals

goal coaching session

Ange Ritchie is an Athlete and Goal Coach who achieved 2nd place for Australian women in the New York marathon whilst simultaneously caring for her mother who was unwell at the time. In our interview Ange explains the ways in which she believes her ability to goal set has enabled her to achieve her dreams.

What inspired you to become a goal coach?

I’ve been goal orientated since I was a young kid. I just kept raising the bar.

I’m passionate about people living a life they CHOOSE, feeling empowered, and achieving all their dreams. What stops many is they don’t know how to achieve them because they are big scary exciting goals. I love being able to bridge that gap.

I get the biggest buzz from seeing others succeed in things they didn’t think they could, or by seeing them change their lives and be healthier, fitter, happier because someone (me!) has kept them accountable and supported them getting through the challenges to have this life they love and choose.

Can you tell us a little about the goals you’ve achieved for yourself using your goal setting method?

Of all the goals I have set and completed in my lifetime, I think the biggest has to be completeing the New York Marathon in 2nd place for the Australian Women’s category whilst simultaneously caring for my mother, who had cancer at the time, and working a full time job at the same time. This was actually a 10 year goal I had, to travel to New York and run a marathon. 

When I set goals, and I don’t just so it in my head, I create a properly formatted plan; it doesn’t matter what happens in life, I always find a way to complete them.

Were there any challenges associated with training for the New York marathon? How did you overcome them?

My mum was battling cancer at the time and I knew I couldn’t change my mums illness which was incredibly upsetting. I used the New York marathon to work through my frustration and upset in a healthy way. I needed something that I could work positively towards. It helped because my training was something I could be in control of, I got fitter and faster which gave me injections of positivity in what was a very tough time of my life.

I had flexibility around this and was able to run at 4am and be home to make and give my mum breakfast and then go to work. I could run anywhere and it didn’t take up as much time as some other sports, which meant I could maximise my time with mum.

What are your key tips to motivation?

When I write goals out I include a time frame and what I will get/gain/walk away with at the end of achieving that goal.

I also write why I want that goal. When I waiver with achieving the small steps to getting there, I glance at those two parts – what I will have and why I want it. 

Every week on Sunday I write out 5 goals for that week. Every day, instead of checking facebook or as I go to get lunch, I check the goals and what I can action that day. 

I also meet with a coach! Everyone needs a coach to help them get back on track or to stay on track for some big goals and be kept accountable -Coaches even have coaches! Really, it’s just someone dedicated to wanting you to succeed. They give you time, energy, knowledge, tricks to acheive, and personalised support. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in something that will make a world of difference to you? 

Ange, thank you SO much for taking the time out of your busy day to share your expertise with us. 

Emily-Rose Braithwaite ~ Life Coach

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