Are you the feather blown around by the wind?

As children we are taught to be lead by our parents, we learn from them, life is largely decided for us. Being a leader isn’t necessarily a natural occurrence.

More often the concept of being a leader is something we learn; either by our external environment, or an internal need to step up and look out for others.

There’s a time though, that it’s time to fly solo and create your own path.


How often are you the feather blown around by the wind?

How often are you triggered by other people?

How often do you try to please people?

How often do you base your decisions on what you think other people want or think of you?

How often do you conform to what you are ‘told’ to do?

How often do you put others before yourself?

How often do you blame other people, things and circumstances for your feelings of frustration, unhappiness, insecurity, or anger?

This stuff isn’t taught to us in school (IT SHOULD BE).

If you are looking for someone to tell you which direction to take in life know that YOU ALREADY HAVE THE ANSWERS (You’re just not tuned into it yet).


There’s a worldwide story that life creates us, it makes us. Is that truly and honestly empowering?

More empowering is to know that YOU create your life. YOU lead your life. YOU decide who you become.

The longer you allow yourself to be immersed in this concept that what happens to you defines you, the longer you will continue to be triggered left right and centre by the world because triggers are everywhere.

IMAGINE how it would feel if you just decided. Outright decided that from this moment on YOU decide how you react, YOU decide what you make stuff mean, YOU decide how to live your life and exactly the way life goes for you. Because there’s always a new direction to take at any given moment.

IMAGINE what could happen, what opportunities could arise if you just decided that YOU are the only person that decides how valuable you are, because we are all equal and deserving and nothing anyone does or says can sway that.

IMAGINE if you no longer needed validation from others because you have this amazing insight that to seek acceptance from others is being the feather blown around by the wind.


Your current life’s circumstances are absolutely a reflection of your inner self worth, your need for validation and your reactions to your external environment.


Are you ready to stop being controlled by life?

Are you ready take what you want into your own hands and become the leader you were born to be?

Emily-Rose ~ Life & Success Coach


Stop being the person who says “I’ll get round to it” and start being the person who says “I’m doing it now!”. Because life is NOW, not tomorrow or the next day.

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