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When I first started out in business I found myself feeling overwhelmed with all of the rapidly changing advice out there. I felt like I had to do EVERYTHING and yet felt so confused about what to implement, how and when that I felt like I wasn’t moving forward either. 

Fast forward 12 years and my favourite thing to do is to simplify EVERYTHING. Business, life, mindset. At first I was like… SHOULD this be more complicated? Can it REALLY be this simple? And the answer is yes. Yes it can. The truth is, business is WAY MORE FUN when it’s simple.

I now make $10k – $30k per month completely organically and teach business startups my step by step business model to make business startup simple. 

I was a makeup artist for advertising for over a decade and have worked with almost 100 brands. Whilst my full time business is my Business Coaching & Mentoring I still work on the big advertising campaigns when they come in. You can check out that business at www.emilyrosebraithwaite.com.

I hold qualifications as a Master Practitioner of Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Multiple Brain Integration Techniques and as a Professional Speaker & Trainer. I’m also a published author of two books sold globally.

Emily-Rose Braithwaite 🙂