When I first started out in business, (12 years ago) I felt so overwhelmed. There was SO much advice out there and a lot of it felt really complex. I’m a person who likes to keep things simple and I believe that whenever something starts to feel overwhelming, it’s being over complicated.

I figured out ways to take the gazillions of advice out there, pick and choose what felt good to me, simplify it, and then monitor what worked and what didn’t.

Now I teach my clients a super simple system that attracts clients on repeat ORGANICALLY –  No paid ads, no paid funnels, it can even be done without a website! There is a place for this when scaling, but in the beginning it isn’t necessary! I also teach my clients how to sell WITHOUT sales calls!

And underpinning all of that? MINDSET. Every successful entrepreneur thinks and takes action in a successful way. They form habits that literally wire their brains that way. This alone, changed my entire life because it allows me to continuously shift perspective not only in business but in day to day life. Sometimes, when business feels tough there’s something in our personal life that’s making an impact, or vice versa. So working with me is more than setting up systems, it’s priming your brain for success.

I want you to feel confident to let yourself be YOU. I know what you are experiencing, I’ve been there. Comparing myself to everyone else wondering how they hell they’ve achieved what they’ve achieved and feeling like it’s really hard. It wasn’t until I realised that all I really needed to do was be me, and that it didn’t need to be complicated that business got super fun.

I was a makeup artist for advertising for over a decade (I still own this business). My full time business these days however is my Business Coaching & Mentoring. This is international – I have clients in the USA, Australia, UK, Canada and Pakistan. 

I hold qualifications as a Master Practitioner of Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Multiple Brain Integration Techniques and as a Professional Speaker & Trainer.

Emily-Rose Braithwaite 🙂