My name is Emily-Rose Braithwaite, I’m an ICF certified Life & Success Coach. I’m also an author of two books and I have 11 years experience as an entrepreneur. I’m passionate (a little obsessed) with success mindset and alongside coaching you can find my Inspirational Interviews – a little something to motivate you along your journey.

As a child as young as 5 I knew I wanted to run my own business, I knew I wanted to live overseas… both of which I have done. You get one life, it’s up to you if you want to live that big, or small and as you are here I’m assuming you want big things. 

I believe that life is not one thing. So you won’t see me teaching you about just one thing. I get into all of those areas that make up life.

Fear is really success in disguise, you just don’t know it yet. I literally believe that there is no dream too big. The only thing standing in the way of now and your version of success…is you! 

So let’s get that in the way stuff out of the way. My only request? DARE TO TAKE ACTION. Are you willing to put in the work to achieve the results that you want?

If it’s a yes, dive into your first free video and set the intention for what you want to achieve.

Emily-Rose x

My Story

3 years ago I hit poverty. I had 27c in my bank account, was a recent single mum with two children to support and I lived 10,000 miles away from family. I knew that I had two choices – Sink or Swim.

At my lowest point I was pulling up cushions on the sofa to find coins for dinner. 

I reached out for help. The women’s resource centre supported us with food and my landlord kindly gave us a rent free period until I was on my feet.

You see, I made the mistake of giving away my power, of giving up on my business and my financial independence too. When I suddenly found myself a single mum I had nothing, nothing to call my own.

I made it my commitment an my mission that I would not only pull through it, but I would create a business with more impact than ever before. That I would help other people to create their own independence and vision of success too.

Today, my vision is to create a business with a 7 figure income that helps millions of people all over the world and whilst I haven’t hit that milestone yet, I have two businesses, independence, savings in the bank, two beautiful girls, one magical step-son, a puppy and a hugely supportive partner to be grateful for.

Celebrate the small wins and keep your focus on what you want to create.


Some of my Milestones...


Became certified in Coaching, Hypnosis, mBIT & NLP


I presented on a TV commercial and created makeup tutorial videos for Thin Lizzy Beauty.


My second makeup book was published.


My first makeup book was published.