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Do you know what the most important thing is to me? Helping you build your business by being 100% wholeheartedly YOU. Consistently.

Creating a business lead by FLOW, rather than force.

Helping you to build a business that you are committed to, that no matter what, you refuse to back down on. You refuse to back down on your dreams, the life you know that you’re meant for!

Having worked in the advertising space as a makeup artist & hair stylist for 11 years I recognised one thing over and over again – the client is always more worried about how polished something looks than the consumer themselves. The consumer cares about the content. As a result of this entrepreneurs hold themselves back. You spend days, weeks, ,months or even years perfecting your content before you even consider posting it. OR you box yourself in to a rigid schedule and hold back on those moments that the fire in your soul really wants to get a message out into the world.

BUT you see, THAT’S the secret – that fire in your soul – that’s the magic, that’s the money magnet don’t you see?

It’s not the you that conforms to what other people say, or moulds yourself to be like every other guy or girl. BUT the YOU that stands up and says I’m going to do everything it takes to live the life that I want to live! To BE the person that I want to be! To create the business I want to have!

Growing up I struggled with my confidence and I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. At the drop of a hat I’d change my hair, my clothes, or even my career path to suit every other person but ME. I was miserable, anxious and down right empty. Years went by this way. Until eventually I learnt that being me, whole heartedly me, is the VERY THING that allows me to change lives. To CONNECT WITH PEOPLE.

Want to start or grow your business? Get busy being YOU. 

The message is always the same. Absolutely EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE MUST COME FROM FULLY BEING YOU! AND pure, unaltered, unjustified creative flow. 


The only reason you’re finding it hard to take action, is because you aren’t connected to what your heart and soul TRULY want you to do. It doesn’t matter how many rules and processes you THINK you have to follow to get to where you want to be, in the end the only thing that truly matters is that you are fully aligned at heart and soul level. AND GOSH will you know when you are. It’s like an ELECTRICITY that pulses through your veins. A feeling like you have to force yourself to go to bed and just can’t wait to leap out of bed in the morning and get started. It’s PASSION, It’s FLOW, It’s YOU! 

If you’re living a life that’s not fully who you are meant to be, you are living in a box. A damn dark, closed off, sealed off, taped up box. This presents itself as frustration, agitation, emptiness, loss of focus, lack of passion, sadness, anger, lack of creativity and overall EXHAUSTION!

Seriously, how would it feel to be fully free, confident to be you like a shining bubble of brightness lighting up everyone and everything that comes into your life? BECAUSE YOU design your life. Yep, that’s right. Up until now you thought that life leads you didn’t you? YOU LEAD LIFE! Empowering huh? Imagine what you can create from THAT place! Knowing that each and every day you just get to be YOU, live in flow and follow your heart and soul’s message.

Are you ready?


Emily-Rose x

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Who is Emily-Rose?

Emily-Rose Braithwaite is an entrepreneur, author, business mindset coach & mentor. When she isn’t making up the faces of the latest advertising campaigns, she’s running her global online Coaching Business and spreading her message through her blog and videos. With over a decade in business, Emily-Rose is on a mission to show you how it can be done from flow, with ease and to screw how everyone else thinks it SHOULD be done!


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